Anal Pain

Pain arising from the anus or the surrounding area is an embarrassing condition and this prevents many people from going to see their doctors. There are a number of common causes of anal pain most of which can be treated easily. People often assume anal pain is caused by haemorrhoids (piles), however unless they prolapse from the anal canal haemorrhoids are rarely painful and tend only to cause bleeding. More common causes of anal pain are fissures (splits in the anal skin), abscesses, peri-anal haematoma or occasionally a sudden but short lived shooting pain known as proctaglia fugax. Another common condition causing anal pain is Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel condition that often leads to ulcers and infection of the anus.

Occasionally anal pain can be caused by more serious conditions such as cancer. This is not common but is often amenable to treatment and surgery can be avoided provided diagnosis is prompt. If you are experiencing anal pain it is important not to suffer in silence, make an appointment to see your doctor and it is probable that your pain will be dealt with quickly and effectively.