The doctor will see you now

How do I arrange an appointment with Mr Lawes?

You can contact Mr Lawes directly using the ‘Contact Us’ section or you can ask your GP for a referral.

I work all day – are there any evening appointments available with Mr Lawes?

Yes, Mr Lawes consults on both Monday and Fridays evenings and tries to be flexible to account for personal requirements.

How long will I have to wait before my first appointment?

You will be offered the next appointment, usually within 2-3 days, however in urgent or emergency cases Mr. Lawes may well be able to see you directly.

What will happen during my first consultation?

On your first consultation Mr. Lawes will listen to your symptoms and ask some further questions to establish the diagnosis. He may carry out some simple examinations including a rectal examination or sigmoidoscopy to gain a further understanding of your condition, but this is nothing to worry about.

After your first consultation, Mr Lawes will explain to you the next steps in investigation, what treatment is available for your condition and answer and questions that you have.

How can I pay for my treatment?

Mr. Lawes is recognised by all the major insurance companies and they should cover his fees in full. All the necessary authorisation codes and treatment details will be provided by Rosemary Warren, his secretary. If there are any questions relating to insurance please contact her.

If you are a self-funding patient Mrs. Waren will outline the fees for the different treatments available and outline the methods of payment.